Our Mission

Nick and Terry Saban have dedicated over 13 years to their charity, The Nick's Kids Fund. During their time at The University of Alabama, Nick Saban's charity has donated over $4 million to organizations to date. Nick and Terry Saban have personally donated $520,000 to The University of Alabama through sponsoring a scholarship, and many other causes. The total donations distributed by Nick and Terry Saban and the Nick's Kids Fund to date is over $4 million. The Nick's Kids Fund at the Fall Annual Giveaway Luncheon aids more than 150 organizations each year. Nick and Terry Saban aided many tornado victims after April 27. The Saban's began the 13 for 13 project teamed up with the local Habitat for Humanity. This project planned to build 13 homes for the 13 BCS National Championships that Alabama has won. After January and the addition of another BCS National Championship win, Nick and Terry Saban updated the project to 14 for 14.


15 for 15

15 for 15 is a commitment to build 15 houses for 15 national championships. On September 1st Coach and Terry Saban in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity and Nick’s Kids Fund held the ribbon cutting ceremony for the first house of 15. In November of 2013 the 15th house in the project was completed.

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Nick's Kids Fund
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